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• 3/1/2016

Far Cry Primal Sayla and Ayla

Sayla in Far Cry Primal. The first decent stone age video game has finally been released: Far Cry Primal.
The first human you encounter when your avatar arrives in Oros is a cavegirl named Sayla.
When I heard that name, I immediately wondered if that was an allusion to the famous cavegirl Ayla.
Now that I have seen more of the story, I have seen more similarities between Sayla and Ayla:

Sayla lost her family/people and lives alone in a cave (Ayla too: The Valley of Horses)
Sayla gets scars from an attack by a Cave Lion.
Sayla knows a thing or two about medical herbs.
What do you think? Is this all just an accident or did Ubisoft draw some inspiration from already existing Stone Age mythos for their own game?
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• 8/25/2015

Ayla and Baby

I found this picture on Deviantart. It is created by FransMensinkArtist. I immediately had to think "Ayla and Baby"; although it wasn't intended that way.
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