Earth's Children

The Ancient Ones, also known the Ancient Spirits, Powerful Spirits of the Past or Most Honoured Ones of Old, are spirits who were once worshipped by the Clan, long ago, before they began revering totem spirits above all other spirits. The Ancients are still known to mog-urs and are very rarely called upon during religious ceremonies, in special circumstances.

The Ancient Ones were revered once by the clan, but they have not worshipped them for a long time; Creb claims that these spirits have not been invoked "since the early mists of our [the Clan's] time". Most of the Clan do not remember the Ancient Ones, though they are known to the mog-urs.

Unlike totems, the Ancient Ones are apparently female spirits, as they are stated as having feminine names, and seem to embody elements of nature. Known Ancient Ones include Oooha, the Spirit of Wind, Zheena, the Spirit of Rain and Eeesha, the Spirit of Mists. This is presumably because the Ancient Ones were worshipped at a time when Clan women hunted alongside the men. The Ancient Ones are very powerful spirits, with even Creb fearing them, as he worries that by invoking them, they may choose to linger and upset the order of things. However, he decides that they should leave after the invocation, once the totems tell them their is no longer any place for them here.

The Ancient Ones are only mentioned in The Clan of the Cave Bear, when Creb enacts a ritual to make Ayla the Woman Who Hunts, calling upon the Ancient Ones to bless her and accept her as their own. This is due to the fact Ayla's Cave Lion totem appears to want her to hunt and the clan dares not defy him, even if they do not fully understand why the Ancient Ones have apparently chosen Ayla to walk their long-forgotten path.