Earth's Children
Region: northwestern Africa
Group: camp
Mother: Unknown
Shaman: Unknown

The Aterians were a dark-skinned people who lived near the Strait of Gibraltar in northwestern Africa. A Mamutoi man named Wymez fell in love with an Aterian woman on his Journey and was joined with her. They had a son named Ranec.

The Aterians were most likely named after the Aterian tool industry, which existed during the Middle Paleolithic. This technology was characterized by bifacially worked projectile points.


Ranec is half Aterian.

Culture and Technology[]

Little is written about Aterian culture. Wymez credited the Aterians with significant flint-knapping ability and said that they created sophisticated bifacial axes. They were also described as skilled grass-weavers. Ayla's use of the natural color of grass to create subtle designs reminded Wymez of their technique.

The Aterians enjoyed dancing, and women wore grass skirts.


At the time of Wymez's Journey, the Aterians had recently moved to the area from farther south. Other camps were hostile to the Aterians due to unfamiliar customs and disputes over hunting grounds. Wymez nearly persuaded both sides to sit down and talk, but young hotheads from each side made peaceful resolution impossible by fighting.

The fighting created a vicious circle of revenge-motivated killings. The Aterians built good defenses, but their rivals continued to kill them off. As a result, the Aterians learned to distrust anyone with light skin, including Wymez and Ranec, so they sadly left, returning to his home with the Mamutoi. Tragically, Wymez's mate/Ranec's mother drowned while crossing the strait as their boat capsized, and most of her belongings were lost as well, leaving them little reminder of their time with her people.