Earth's Children
Species Cro-Magnon
Culture S'Armunai
Camp Camp of the Three Sisters
Novel appearances The Plains of Passage

Bodoa, usually called S'Armuna, is a major character in The Plains of Passage. She is a member of the S'Armunai and the shaman of the Three Sisters Camp, who was once good friends with Marthona of the Zelandonii


Bodoa was born to the S'Armunai. As a young woman, she aspired to become a s'armuna and her uncle decided she should go and train with the legendary zelandonia, the wise men and women of the Zelandonii. Bodoa travelled from her home to train with the zelandonia, living with the Ninth Cave of the Zelandonii. There, she met and befriended Marthona. Bodoa and Marthona became very close, even considering each other sisters. They both fell in love with Joconan, the leader of the Ninth Cave and Bodoa seriously considered staying with the Zelandonii to co-mate Joconan. However, Zelandoni Who Is First advised against this and Joconan chose to mate Marthona over Bodoa. This created a rift between the friends, with Bodoa feeling extremely hurt and betrayed. She decided to leave the Ninth Cave and return to her own people immediately; though Marthona begged her not to act so hastily, due to the dangers of crossing the glacier by herself, but Bodoa was too angry to listen.

Bodoa made it across the glacier, only to discover her uncle had died and most of her family had moved away. Bodoa moved to the Camp of the Three Sisters, becoming a shaman of the S'Armunai. She took the title of S'Armuna, like all shamans. She witnessed the tyranny of both Brugar and Attaroa. Although she disapproved of Attaroa, S'Armuna was too frightened of her to act against her. She even helped Attaroa acquire poisonous plants, which she often used against her enemies and did not speak out against her maltreatment of the boys and men, despite her vows, and so could be considered complicit. 

S'Armuna eventually felt guilty for this, believing she had failed in her sacred duty, but she knew if she opposed Attaroa, she would probably kill her and that she alone could not stop her. S'Armuna became a mentor to Attaroa's child, Omel, whom she grew fond of. Although she never knew for certain, S'Armuna liked to think that Omel was female. Unfortunately, to S'Armuna's grief, Attaroa poisoned Omel after they tried to help some of the men to escape from the Camp.