Species The Others
Culture Mamutoi
Camp Willow Camp
Novel appearances The Valley of Horses
The Mammoth Hunters

Brecie is a Mamutoi women. She is the leader of the Willow Camp.


Early lifeEdit

Brecie grew up together with Talut and his sister Tulie. Brecie was family with Tulie's first husband Darnev.[1] Tholie was Brecie's full niece.[2]

Not much is known about her background, nor when or how she became the leader of the Willow Camp.


When Jondalar and Thonolan finaly reach the debouchment of the Danube river, they are trapped in the swamp. Brecie and her man are nearby and rescue the two men. She is amazed that Jondalar speaks Mamutoi. Brecie provides the two men food and shelter until they travel north.

References Edit

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