Earth's Children

Broud as portrayed by Thomas G. Waites in the film

One of the main characters in The Clan of the Cave Bear. He is the son of Brun and Ebra; mate to Oga; father of Brac, Grev and Durc; nephew to Creb and Iza; and cousin of Uba. At the end of The Clan of the Cave Bear, Broud becomes leader of the Clan. From the moment Ayla entered his life, he had great anger and hatred for her. He lost his temper several times and raped Ayla repeatedly.This inevitably caused Ayla's departure of the Clan at the end of the book. His totem was the Wooly Rhinoceros.


Blood Relatives

Ancestors: Ebra (mother), Brun (father),
Siblings: none
Mate: Oga
Issue: Brac (son by Oga), Grev (son by Oga), and Durc (son by Ayla)
Extended Family: Uka (maternal aunt), Creb (paternal uncle), Iza (paternal aunt), Uka's son (first cousin), and Ovra (first cousin)

Adoptive Relatives (Through Iza and Ayla)

Extended Family: Ayla (first cousin) and Durc (first cousin once removed)


Broud craves attention above all else. He does not care if it is positive or negative attention, just so long as people acknowledge him. For a man of the Clan he has an exceptionally difficult time controlling his emotions, especially when it involves Ayla.

Broud made his first kill on the eve of the cave making ceremony. He expected to be the center of attention, the one to recieve all the honor of the occasion. At the ceremony he did a dance to reenact the hunt. Although she did not yet know how to communicate with her adopted Clan, Ayla was deeply moved by the dance.

Broud's hopes of being the center of attention were dashed when Ayla's cave Lion totem was announced. No woman had ever had such strong protection. People started talking about the fact that the strange girl of 'The Others' had found the cave. From that moment on he despised Ayla.

After Broud becomes leader the story changes dramatically from the book to the movie. In both Brun, Broud's mother's mate, deeply regrets giving leadership of his Clan to his son. Despite all of the bad decisions Broud makes within moments of becoming leader in the book he does not take leadership back though at that point nobody in the clan would have blamed him. In the movie, after he curses Ayla with death,

It is hinted that Durc will become leader of the clan as opposed to Brac or Grev.