Earth's Children
Sex: Male
Race: Mixed
Culture: Zelandonii
Camp: Ninth Cave
The Clan of the Cave Bear: not mentioned
The Valley of Horses: not mentioned
The Mammoth Hunters: not mentioned
The Plains of Passage: not mentioned
The Shelters of Stone: appears
The Land of Painted Caves: appears

Brukeval is a member of the Ninth Cave of the Zelandonii. He is a distant cousin of Jondalar and Marona. Brukeval is a rather troubled and angry man, having grown up being somewhat ostracised or judged due to rumours he is of mixed spirits.

Physical Appearance[]

Brukeval is said to have some physical features of the Clan, leading some to speculate he is of mixed spirits (it is heavily implied that Brukeval's grandmother was impregnated by a Clan man). Hence, Brukeval is not regarded as being especially attractive, though Ayla, who grew up with the Clan, does find him handsome.