Earth's Children

Brun as portrayed by John Doolittle in the film

Brun led the clan that adopted Ayla, a Cro-Magnon child. Brun was a consummate leader whose primary consideration was always the best interest of his clan. Brun's totem was the Bison, and his second-in-command was Grod.



Brun (right) and Broud (left) as portrayed by John Doolittle and Thomas G. Waites in the movie

Brun had two siblings: Creb (the clan's mog-ur) and Iza (the clan's medicine woman). Brun was mated to Ebra, and the couple had one son, Broud.


By Clan tradition, leadership normally passed to the leader's oldest son, and that was Creb. However, Creb suffered from a crippling birth defect that prevented him from hunting, so the mantle of leadership passed to Brun, and Creb was trained as a mog-ur.

As a child, Brun felt sorry for his brother, who was ridiculed for his deformities, never had a manhood ceremony, and never mated. However, as they grew older, Brun's pity was replaced by respect. Brun often sought Creb's sage advice, and not just for spiritual matters.


Brun sometimes worried about his son's recklessness and impulsive temper, especially when it came to Ayla. The measure of masculinity (and leadership) was the ability to maintain self-control, but Broud frequently lost his temper. Moreover, Brun did not understand why Broud would pit himself against a mere woman. However, Brun never seriously questioned whether Broud would succeed him as leader. Brun's eyes were finally opened when Broud used his position of leadership to exact revenge on Ayla, but by then, it was too late.


"You acknowledged her, Broud, she has beaten you.  You did everything you could to her, you even cursed her.  She's dead, and still she won.  She was a woman, and she had more courage than you, Broud, more determination, more self-control.  She was more man than you are.  Ayla should have been the son of my mate." --Brun's unexpected eulogy for Ayla

Brun was initially wary of allowing Iza to rescue a child who was not Clan. The clan's previous cave had just been destroyed in an earthquake. The Clan believed that disasters were the work of angry spirits, and Brun was loath to do anything to offend the spirits while his clan was homeless. However, Creb assured Brun that the spirits were never angered by acts of kindness and that Ayla had powerful protection: a hypothesis that was seemingly proved when Ayla inadvertently led the clan to its new home.

Ayla frequently tested Brun's abilities as a leader, forcing him to confront more new ideas than people of the Clan were used to considering. Over time, Brun grew to admire Ayla's endurance and resolve, and he sometimes wished that Ayla were a man.


Italics indicate an adoptive relationship: in this case, through Iza's adoption of Ayla as her daughter

Ancestors: Uba (maternal grandmother)
Siblings: Creb (brother) and Iza (sister)
Mate: Ebra
Issue: Broud (son), Brac (grandson), Grev (grandson), and Durc (grandson)
Extended Family: Ayla (niece), Uba (niece), and Durc (grand-nephew)