Earth's Children

The Camp of the Three Sisters, alternatively known as the Three Sisters Camp, is a camp of the S'Armunai, encountered by Ayla and Jondalar on their Journey in The Plains of Passage. It is ruled over by a tyrannical, man-hating woman named Attaroa.


The camp was once led by Brugar, a man who was one-fourth Clan. He imposed Clan ideas about gender roles on the camp, which were not well-received and was controlling of the women. He was abusive to his mate, Attaroa, who eventually poisoned him and took over.

When Attaroa became leader, she urged the women to retaliate by dominating the men. The men were held against their will in the Men's Camp (also known as the "Holding"). Attaroa maintained control by keeping them weak and without tools. She also maimed men (and even boys) who resisted by dislocating their legs. Men were used as slave labor but were prevented from acquiring food or making tools, which contributed to the poverty of the camp.

Attaroa turned away kin who tried to visit them and stopped attending Summer Meetings. Foreign men who were unfortunate enough to stumble into the area were imprisoned and tortured. The women were not allowed to see the men, although some managed to sneak into the Men's Camp. As a result, few children were born.

Attaroa forced the women to learn how to hunt by prohibiting them from gathering other food. The best hunters became her "Wolf Women," which were led by Epadoa, Attaroa's second-in-command. All Wolf Women wore at least one item that came from a wolf. They also participated in secret rites, during which they ate wolf meat in order to absorb the power and prowess of their namesake.

There were no skilled flint-knappers in the camp, so their weapons were dull and poorly made. Despite their training, the Wolf Women were not very good hunters, with Ayla stating they would fare better by watching and studying wolves, instead of killing and eating them. They usually traveled long distances to drive horses over a cliff, even though the area close to their camp was good territory. S'Armuna of the Three Sisters Camp had discovered a technique for firing clay. However, she only used ceramic for ritual purposes.

After the camp's liberation, Jondalar taught those who wanted to learn how to use his spear-thrower and how to knap flint. Ayla taught them how to gather food, even in the winter.