Earth's Children
Species Cro-Magnon
Culture S'Armunai
Camp Three Sisters
Spouse Unnamed lover
Children Unnamed son
Unnamed daughter
Novel appearances The Plains of Passage

Cavoa is a young S'Armunai woman and member of the Three Sisters Camp. She appears in The Plains of Passage.


Cavoa fell in love with one of the men of the Three Sisters Camp who was imprisoned in the holding pen. Despite Attaroa forbidding women from interacting with the men, Cavoa would sneak into the holding pen to see her lover and eventually fell pregnant. When she was heavily pregnant, Cavoa planned to run away from the camp with her lover and some of the other men, helped by Omel, Attaroa's child. Unfortunately, they were caught and Attaroa poisoned all of them - even Omel - for their defiance, with the exception of Cavoa, due to her pregnancy. However, Attaroa threatened Cavoa that if she gave birth to a boy, she would kill her.

After Attaroa is killed by Wolf in defense of Ayla and the camp is liberated, Cavoa goes into labour. Ayla and S'Armuna tend to Cavoa and she ends up giving birth to twins, both a boy and a girl, which Ayla and S'Armuna seek as a good omen.