Earth's Children

Creb as portrayed by James Remar in the film

The Mog-ur of Brun's Clan is also ranked as first or "The Mog-ur" among the entire extended Clan of Neanderthal people in that region. He is: the brother of Brun and Iza; shares a hearth with Iza and Ayla; has a paternal relationship with Ayla; Uncle to Broud and Uba; and Great uncle to Durc, Grev, and Brac.

Creb was the first born male of the previous clan's leader, but because of his deformities could never become leader. Creb's right leg was crippled and smaller than the left; his right shoulder and upper arm were atrophied and the shriveled arm had been amputated below the elbow. The powerful shoulder and arm and muscular leg of his fully developed left side made him appear lopsided. His huge cranium was larger than those of the rest of the clan and the difficulty of his birth had caused the defect that crippled him for life. Even though he was crippled, his clan had let him live. Creb developed supreme mental and psychic abilities. He was convinced that his wasted body had been given to him so he could take his place as intermediary with the spirit world rather than at the head of his clan. In many ways he had more power than any leader, and he knew it.


Creb dons his ceremonial bearskin cloak

As a child, Creb was attacked by a cave bear, which added to his deformity by blinding him in one eye, but was regarded as a blessing from the most highly revered and powerful spirit of the Clan people. The left side of his face was hideously scarred and his left eye was missing. The Clan believed that if someone survives a cave bear attack, it means that person is now under the protection of Ursus and may claim the cave bear as their totem, in addition to the totem they were assigned in early childhood by their clan's Mog-ur.


Skeleton of Shanidar I, the inspiration for Creb

Jean Auel was inspired to write the character of Creb from the recovered Shanidar Cave site, where they found Shanidar I.


Unusual wear on front teeth, Shanidar I used his teeth for grasping, while manipulating with his good left arm and hand


Italics indicate an adoptive relationship: in this case, through Iza's adoption of Ayla as her daughter

Ancestors: Uba (maternal grandmother)
Siblings: Brun (brother) and Iza (sister)
Mate: none
Issue: Ayla (daughter) and Durc (grandson)
Extended Family: Broud (nephew), Uba (niece), Brac (grand-nephew), Grev (grand-nephew), and Durc (grand-nephew)