Earth's Children
Species Cro-Magnon
Culture Zelandonii (originally)
Camp Ninth Cave (originally)
First Cave of the Lanzadonii
Spouse Marthona (severed the knot)
Children Jondalar
Novel appearances The Valley of Horses

The Plains of Passage
The Shelters of Stone
The Land of Painted Caves

Dalanar is the founder and leader of the First Cave of The Lanzadonii. He is the former mate of Marthona, the mate of Jerika and the father of Jondalar and Joplaya. Dalanar is a talented flint knapper who is known even across the glacier.


Dalanar is a Zelandonii by birth. He mated Marthona, the leader of the Ninth Cave of the Zelandonii. Their son Jondalar was born at his hearth. However, being unsatisfied with being in her shadow, their relationship became troubled and he eventually "severed the knot", leaving to found a new tribe of his own. Jondalar says there are still sad stories told and songs sung about the tragic love between his parents. In spite of this, Dalanar seems to bear Marthona no ill will and they are amicable. Later he mated Jerika, an Eastern Asian woman. He started a new cave near a flint mine. He found Echozar after the half-clan man attempted suicide and accepted him into his new people, the "Lanzadonii". Joplaya was born at his hearth. As an adolescent, Jondalar was sent to live with Dalanar for a few years, after an incident in which he badly beat another young man in a rage, to learn to control his temper. He taught both Jondalar and Joplaya at his mine.

Physical Appearance[]

Dalanar is described as being very tall and handsome, with deep blue eyes. He bears a strong resemblance to his son, Jondalar, with Ayla even feeling a mild, involuntary attraction to Dalanar due to his similarity to Jondalar, and with many people stating that the Mother clearly used Dalanar's spirit to make Jondalar.