Earth's Children
Aliases: Darvo
Sex: Male
Race: Modern
Culture: Sharamudoi
Camp: Shamudoi
The Clan of the Cave Bear: not mentioned
The Valley of Horses: appears
The Mammoth Hunters: not mentioned
The Plains of Passage: appears
The Shelters of Stone: not mentioned
The Land of Painted Caves: not mentioned

Darvalo was a male Shamudoi. When Jondalar and Thonolan first arrived, he was just a boy named "Darvo." By the time Jondalar and Ayla returned four years later, he was a young man and preferred to be addressed by his adult name.

Because Jondalar stayed with his mother, Serenio, for nearly three years, Jondalar was like the man of the hearth. Jondalar taught Darvalo about flint-knapping and gave him his Zelandonii traveling clothes.

Some time after Jondalar and Thonolan left, Serenio fell in love with a Mamutoi man and moved away. When Jondalar returned with Ayla, Darvalo was staying with Dolando and Roshario, whose arm was broken.


Ancestors: Serenio (mother)
Siblings: a half-sibling*

  • Before Jondalar left with Thonolan, Serenio told him that she believed that she was pregnant.