Earth's Children

Droog, Aba (left), and Aga (right) as portrayed in the film

Droog was the clan's best toolmaker, and his skill contributed to the high status of Brun's clan. Droog's totem was the Aurochs, which he shared with his son, Goov (born to Droog's first mate). After Droog's first mate perished during the earthquake, he was mated to Aga. He shared his hearth with Aga's elderly mother, Aba, and Aga's two children, Vorn (her son) and Ona (her daughter). Droog and Aga had one son, Groob.

Droog was taught the stone knapper's art by his maternal grandfather. He was disappointed that Vorn had no interest in toolmaking and hoped that his infant son, Groob, would be his apprentice. Although Droog recognized the quality of Ayla's tools, he did not see much value in training a female. Women were not allowed to make weapons or tools that were used to make weapons. However, Droog allowed Ayla to watch him work and shared some of his knowledge with her, because a female apprentice was better than none at all.

Droog believed that Ayla brought luck with her. He regarded her as something like a lucky sign from one's totem, and this belief formed the basis for his desire to spare Ayla from the death curse, even though Clan law required that any woman who used a weapon must die. He also felt grateful for the lives of Ona (his mate's daughter) and Brac, whose lives Ayla had saved.


Italics indicate an adoptive relationship: in this case, through Droog's adoption of Aga's children.

Mate: first mate and Aga (second mate)
Issue: Goov (son by first mate), Vorn (son), Ona (daughter), and Groob (son by Aga)
Extended Family: