Earth's Children
Sex: Male
Race: Mixed
Culture: Lanzadonii
Camp: First Cave
The Clan of the Cave Bear: not mentioned
The Valley of Horses: not mentioned
The Mammoth Hunters: not mentioned
The Plains of Passage: appears
The Shelters of Stone: appears
The Land of Painted Caves: appears

Echozar was a young man of mixed spirits and a member of the Lanzadonii. He later mates Joplaya, with whom he has a son, Bokovan.


His mother was a Clan woman, who was thrown out of her Clan for giving birth to a 'deformed' child. When she died, Echozar was rejected by all Clans he met, until he was taken in by the Lanzadonii. There he met and fell in love with Joplaya, although at this point she was still in love with her cousin Jondalar. Echozar hated the Clan at first for their treatment of his mother, but he got over this when Ayla told him about the ways of the Clan.

Physical Appearance[]

Echozar is described as clearly being of mixed spirits, with the features of both the Clan and Cro-Magnon. Most Cro-Magnon regard him as being quite ugly as a result, though Ayla, who grew up with the Clan, finds Echozar to be comfortingly familiar and even rather attractive. Everyone agrees that Echozar's eyes, which are dark brown, are his best feature, seen as being beautiful even by Cro-Magnon standards.


Mate: Joplaya