First Among Those Who Serve The Great Earth Mother. This is a title that only exists in the Zelandonia though other people have positions very similar, it is only stated in this way by the Zelandoni. This title, as of the end of the series, belongs to the woman formerly known as Zolena, Jondalar's first love. It is said in the last book that Ayla will be the next First. To be first among those who serve the Great Earth Mother is a privilage. You have to be an exceptional Zelandoni. Knowledge of both healing and the world of the spirits is recomended but not every First has been a knowledgeable healer.

Mamut , the old shaman who adopted Ayla, could be considered the Mamutoi's closest equivalent to a "First".

For the Clan , Creb was the most powerful shaman known even to the members of the Clan who live close to Jondalar's people. Isa was of the most respected line of medicine women in the Clan and could also be considered "First".