Earth's Children

Goov (Curtis Armstrong) and his mentor, Creb (James Remar) as portrayed in the film

Goov was Creb's acolyte and Broud's mog-ur. Although Goov had the potential to be a good mog-ur, Creb knew that Goov would never be as powerful as he. Goov feared the Mog-ur as a child but had grown to love and respect his mentor by the time he became a man at age 11. Goov's loyalty to Creb proved more powerful than his ambition. When Broud, who had succeeded Brun as leader the night before, ordered Goov to move to the mog-ur's hearth, forcing Creb to move to the back of the cave, Goov refused to do it.

Goov's father was Droog, and he shared his father's totem: the Aurochs. Goov's mother died during the earthquake. Soon after the clan moved into its new cave, Goov was mated to Ovra. They enjoyed a fond relationship. Goov was kind to his mate, even though she never had any children. (Although Ovra was able to conceive, she never carried a baby to term.)


Italics indicate an adoptive relationship: in this case, through Droog's adoption of Aga's children.

Ancestors: Droog (father)
Siblings: Vorn (half-brother), Ona (half-sister), and Groob (half-brother)
Mate: Ovra
Issue: none (all stillborn)