Earth's Children

Grod as portrayed by Martin Doyle in the film

Grod was Brun's second-in-command; his totem was the Brown Bear. His father, Zoug, had been the second of the previous leader. Grod was stiff and laconic but never cruel; he was loyal to Brun. Grod was mated to Uka (the sister of Brun's mate), and together, they had two children: a son who died as a young man during the earthquake and a daughter named Ovra.

One of Grod's most important responsibilities was the maintenance of the fire during the clan's search for its new cave. (The rites to prepare the new cave required embers from a fire that could be traced back to the clan's previous cave.)

Grod did not have any animosity toward Ayla, but when she used a weapon to save Brac, Grod felt bound by the Clan's traditions and reluctantly voted to curse her with death.


Ancestors: Zoug (father)
Mate: Uka
Issue: son and Ovra (daughter)