Earth's Children
Region: central Europe
Group: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Shaman: Unknown

Very little is known about the Hadumai; Jondalar and his brother stayed with them briefly during their Journey east, and when Jondalar and Ayla began to trek west, they met only with a group of hunters.

Haduma , the matriarch of the Hadumai, was the mother of five generations; when Jondalar and Thonolan encountered them, Haduma appealed to Jondalar to be the man at her descendant Noria's First Rites. Haduma wanted Noria to have a child with Jondalar's blue eyes; that child would be her sixth generation, who would be named 'Jondal'.

The majority of the Hadumai do not speak any of the languages of their neighbors: only Tamen, Haduma's grandson, could converse with Jondalar and Thonolan through broken but intelligible Zelandonii, as he had journeyed to their lands as a young man. When Jondalar and Ayla encountered the hunters, Tamen was not among them. Through some pantomime and a few proper names, Jondalar was able to learn that Haduma had died since their previous encounter, and surmised that Noria had indeed delivered a baby with his blue eyes as Haduma had wanted. He had no way to confirm this, however, due to the difficulties communicating.