Earth's Children

Jerika is the mate of Dalanar . She has no desire to be leader though she has a strong mind and has no problem voicing her opinions if she disagrees with her mate. Her father is Hochaman. They come from an unspecified part of Asia though it is presumably modern China, as it's said to be "near the Eastern Sea". Her father and mother went on a long journey, determined to see the endless waters of the West. Her mother died along the way but they eventually met Dalanar and joined the Lanzadonii.

Her daughter is Joplaya who shares some of her mother's appearance but also bears a resemblance to her fair-haired kin with her green eyes.


Jerica is much smaller then Dalanar. She can walk under his outstretched arms with room to spare. She was born of two parents who came from somewhere in Asia and as such shares their appearance.