Earth's Children

Jetamio was a Sharamudoi woman that Thonolan fell in love with on his and Jondalar's travels. This takes place in The Valley of Horses


Sometime during her life, Jetamio suffered paralysis. She has a chronic limp as a reminder, but it doesn't keep her from hunting.

Thonolan and Death[]

Jatamio meets Thonolan when he and Jondalar meet her people on their journey. They fall in love, but during their celebration a woman and her child are burned. After they are joined, Jetamio tries to become pregnant, but she failes twice. After she becomes pregnant and keeps the child, Thonolan, Jondalar, and the Sharamudoi go hunting, but she goes into labor. Her birth canal is too small, result of her paralysis, and she and her son dies. Thonolan loses the will to live after she dies, and he leaves with Jondalar soon. He is killed by Baby the cave lion with a broken and bitten throat.