Earth's Children
Species Cro-Magnon
Culture Zelandonii
Camp Ninth Cave
Spouse Marthona
Children Joharran

Joconan was the leader of the Ninth Cave of the Zelandonii, the first mate of Marthona and the father of Joharran. He died before the events of the series and so never appears, though he is mentioned on several occasions.


Joconan was born in the Ninth Cave, eventually becoming its leader. He was apparently a competent leader and well-liked. As a young man, Joconan had a close bond with two women of the zelandonia, Marthona, a Zelandonii woman, and Bodoa, a S'Armunai woman. It is implied that Joconan loved them both and the trio even considered having a co-mating; however, Zelandoni Who Is First spoke against it, urging Joconan to choose Marthona over Bodoa (partly because Bodoa was supposed to return to her own people). Joconan ultimately chose to mate Marthona. This greatly angered and upset Bodoa, who left the Zelandonii in a rage and returned to the S'Armunai. Joconan never saw or heard from her again.

Joconan and Marthona were happy together in spite of this and had a son, Joharren. Unfortunately, Joconan eventually fell ill. Marthona supported him and took over his leadership duties throughout his sickness. Sadly, Joconan never recovered and died. Marthona succeeded him as leader of the Ninth Cave and, after she retired, Joharren followed in his father's footsteps and became leader. Bodoa, now known an S'Armuna, learned of Joconan's death many years after the fact, from Marthona's son Jondalar. She at first assumed that Jondalar was from Joconan's hearth, until he explained the man of his hearth was actually Marthona's second mate Dalanar, Joconan having died before he was born, a fact which greatly saddened S'Armuna.