Earth's Children
Sex: Male
Race: Modern
Culture: Hadumai
Camp: Unknown
The Clan of the Cave Bear: not mentioned
The Valley of Horses: mentioned
The Mammoth Hunters: Unknown
The Plains of Passage: mentioned
The Shelters of Stone: Unknown
The Land of Painted Caves: Unknown

Jondal is possibly the son of Jondalar and Noria, a young Hadumai woman he deflowered in The Valley of Horses.


During their Journey, Jondalar and Thonolan were captured by a small band of people called the Hadumai, who were angry that the two brothers had spoiled their hunt. However, their fortunes changed when they met the family matriarch, Haduma.

Haduma wanted Jondalar to share First Rites with Noria. Haduma was the mother of five generations and hoped that Noria would give birth to the sixth generation before Haduma died. Before the ceremony, Haduma blessed Jondalar. She announced that Noria would have a son of Jondalar's spirit. The boy would be named Jondal and would have Jondalar's blue eyes.

Whether Noria actually had a baby was never confirmed. It was too soon to know whether she was pregnant when the brothers left. During Jondalar's return trip, he met a band of Hadumai hunters. Jondalar wanted to ask whether Noria had a child of his spirit, but there was a language barrier, and Jondalar did not want to ask in front of Ayla. (He worried that Ayla might be jealous if she knew that Noria already had a child of his spirit.)


Ancestors: Jondalar (father), Noria (mother), Dalanar (paternal grandfather), Marthona (paternal grandmother), Rabanar (paternal great-grandfather), Jemara (paternal great-grandmother), Tamen (maternal great-great-grandfather), and Haduma (maternal great-great-great-great-grandmother)
Siblings: an unnamed half-sibling* and Jonayla (half-sister)
Extended Family: Joharran (paternal uncle), Joplaya (paternal aunt), Thonolan (paternal uncle), Folara (paternal aunt), Jaradal (first cousin), Marsola (first cousin), and Thonolia (first cousin)

  • Before Jondalar left with Thonolan, Serenio told him that she believed that she was pregnant.