Earth's Children
Species Cro-Magnon
Culture Hadumai
Camp N/A
Children Jondal (Possibly fathered by Jondalar)
Novel appearances The Valley of Horses
The Plains of Passage (mentioned only)

Noria is a Hadumai girl who briefly appears in The Valley of Horses. Jondalar is chosen to go through First Rites with her on his Journey.


The Valley of Horses[]

Noria is implied to be in her teens and has reached the age where a girl traditionally has First Rites, shortly before Jondalar and Thonolan come across the Hadumai on their Journey. Haduma chooses Jondalar to be the man who introduce Noria to the Mother's Gift, predicting that he will conceive a child a Noria, with his blue eyes. Haduma announces that the child will be named Jondal, in Jondalar's honour. Jondalar agrees and deflowers Noria, making the experience an enjoyable one for her and helping her overcome her shyness. Noria is quite taken with the handsome Zelandonii man. It is possible that Noria was indeed pregnant when Jondalar and Thonolan left, though it was too early to tell for certain.

The Plains of Passage[]

Noria does not physically appear, but is mentioned in this novel. Whilst returning to Zelandonii territory with Ayla, Jondalar encounters the Hadumai again. He tries to ask if Noria did have a child of his spirit, but due to the language barrier, he cannot get a straight answer. Jondalar also does not want to be too direct about it, as he is worried he will make Ayla jealous or upset if she realises that Noria has a child of his spirit, whilst Ayla, the love of his life, does not yet. The Hadumai hunters' comments suggest that Noria did have a baby and that Jondalar was most likely the father, though it is not known for certain.