Earth's Children

Oda was a Clan woman that Ayla met during the Clan Gathering. Her totem was the Hamster. She had a daughter of mixed spirits named Ura, who was promised to Durc.

Oda told Ayla that a man of the Others had accidentally killed her daughter when he relieved his needs with her (actually raped her). The man roughly grabbed Oda and her daughter fell and hit her head on a rock. Oda grieved for her lost daughter, and when she discovered that she was pregnant, she hoped that the child would be a daughter. Oda did not want to keep Ura when she saw that she was deformed, but her mate forced her to keep the child as punishment for wishing for a girl.

When Oda saw Ayla's baby, Oda suggested to Ayla that Durc be mated to Ura, since they were both deformed and were unlikely to find normal mates. The leaders of both clans arranged for Ura to return with Brun's clan after the next Clan Gathering.


Issue: daughter (deceased) and Ura (daughter)