Earth's Children

Oga as portrayed by Gloria Lee in the film

Oga was the mate of Broud. Oga was an only child, and even though she was a girl, her parents loved her dearly. Oga's father was gored in a hunting accident shortly before the first earthquake that left the clan homeless. Her mother was killed during the earthquake. Presumably, Oga had no other kin, because she lived at Brun's hearth until she became a woman.

After she was mated to Broud, she gave birth to two sons: Brac and Grev.



While the clan was looking for a new home, Broud put his arm around the orphaned Oga while she grieved for her parents. Ever since that event, Oga hoped that she would be given to Broud as a mate. The attraction between Broud and Oga was mutual.

Broud was a difficult man to live with, and as they grew older, Oga's adolescent ardor was tempered. Oga was an obedient mate with one exception: she refused Broud's demands that she not nurse Durc, the son of Ayla. (Although women had to obey men, Oga could refuse Broud's demands, because which baby a woman chose to nurse was none of a man's concern.)


When Ayla was adopted by the clan, Oga was nearly a woman. A spark of friendship developed between Oga and Ayla during the preparations to move into the new cave. However, when Oga realized that Broud hated Ayla, she rebuffed Ayla's attempts at friendliness.

Oga developed a newfound respect for Ayla when she saved the life of Brac, her newly weaned son. Afterwards, Oga expressed her gratitude by nursing Ayla's son when Ayla lost her milk.


Mate: Broud
Issue: Brac (son) and Grev (son)