Earth's Children

Ona was a member of Brun's clan, the daughter of Aga. Her totem was the Owl. She was mated to Borg when they were both about eight years old.

When Ona was about four years old, she nearly drowned during the clan's annual trip to the shore to fish for sturgeon. She was caught in a strong river current and swept out to sea, but fortunately Ayla swam to her rescue.

Ona's father was killed in an Earthquake shortly after her birth. Her mother was then mated to the Clan's tool-maker Droog, whose mate had died in the same tragedy. As Ona was still a newborn at the time of the mating, Droog quickly became attached to her and considered her his own daughter. This may also be because Ona shared Droog's quiet, hardworking personality.

Ona's relationship with the rest of her family is unknown. Her mother Aga was hysterical when Ona almost drowned, and it can be assumed they had a close relationship. However, she isn't shown to have any interactions with her siblings. She does seem to have a solid friendship with Uba, as they're close in age and it was Uba who first noticed that Ona had become caught in the current.


Ancestors: Aga (mother) and Aba (maternal grandmother) Droog (adoptive father)
Siblings: Vorn (brother) and Groob (half-brother) Goov (step-brother)
Mate: Borg