Earth's Children

Ovra as portrayed by Janne Mortil in the film

Ovra was a woman in Brun's clan. She was given to Goov, the mog-ur's acolyte, as a mate shortly after Ayla was adopted by the clan. Ovra's totem was the Beaver.

Ovra frequently conceived, but unfortunately, she never delivered a living baby. (To reduce the strain on Ovra's body, Ayla secretly gave Iza's secret contraceptive medicine to Ovra.) Despite Ovra's inability to bring children to Goov's hearth, Goov was a gentle and caring mate.


Ancestors: Uka (mother), Grod (father), and Zoug (paternal grandfather)
Siblings: brother (deceased)
Mate: Goov
Issue: none (all stillborn)
Extended Family: Ebra (aunt), Broud (first cousin), Brac (first cousin once removed), Grev (first cousin once removed), and Durc (first cousin once removed)