Earth's Children
Przewalski horse by darkcromb-d8owtv1

Bay Przewalski Stallion

Racer was Jondalar's Przewalski stallion. (Also known as a Takhi Horse) Racer inherited his sire's dark brown coat instead of the typical dun coloring for Przewalski horses.


During the spring of Ayla's seventeenth year, Whinney gave birth to Racer inside Ayla's cave in The Valley of Horses, which was witnessed by Jondalar.

The morning after Ayla rescued Jondalar from the Cave Lion attack, and as Jondalar lay unconscious on the other side of the cave, Ayla helped deliver the bay colored Przewalski colt. Moments later Ayla heard an awakened Jondalar say “That’s the first time I’ve ever seen anyone midwife a horse,”.

Shelters Stone Jon Ayla Racer Whin

Jondalar and Ayla on the horses.

It was Ayla's wish for Jondalar to name the colt, so that he would develop an attachment to the horse and stay in the Valley with her.

Racer was able to run faster than Whinney but lacked his dams stamina. He was also more excitable than Whinney.

Once Ayla and Jondalar learned to effectively communicate and she made her wishes known for him to name the young horse, Jondalar decided to call him Racer. "Racer" is a Zelandonii word that means 'one who likes to run fast and one who strives to be ahead of everyone else'.

Unlike Ayla, who developed a gradual and subconscious control over Whinney, Jondalar set out to intentionally train Racer from the beginning. He invented a halter and reins to guide Racer.


Ancestors: Whinney (dam)
Siblings: Gray (sister)