Earth's Children
Region: Czech Republic
Group: camp
Mother: Muna
Shaman: s'armuna

The S'Armunai were a people who lived in the area that would later become the Czech Republic. They are featured most prominently in The Plains of Passage.


Not much is known about S'Armunai culture, as only the Camp of the Three Sisters was described in detail, but because the camp was so dysfunctional, it's impossible to extrapolate from that camp to other S'Armunai camps.

It is known that the S'Armunai are divided into sub-tribes known as camps, similar to the Mamutoi. They often name their camps after prominent landmarks in each camp's territory - for example, the Three Sisters Camp is named after three large rocks situated close together that resemble people, known as the 'Three Sisters'. Amongst the S'Armunai, the 'S' sound before a name or title is seen as a sign of respect; after liberating the Camp, the S'Armunai begin calling Jondalar 'S'Elandon' and Ayla 'S'Ayla' to honor them. One of the boys also refuses to call Attaroa 'S'Attaroa' due to his hatred of her for her cruelty and poor leadership. Like many other Cro-Magnon tribes, the S'Armunai participated in Summer Meetings.

The S'Armunai call the Great Mother Muna and their shamans are known as s'armuna. They know of the Zelandonii and have great respect for the power and skill of their shamans, even sending some of their own acocolytes to train with with the zelandonia. Notably, because they live in close proximity with the Clan, the S'Armuna have more friendly relations with them, engaging in trade and also intermarrying them. They do not regard 'flat-heads' with the same fear and derision that other peoples do; as a result, children of mixed spirits are generally more accepted and not usually regarded as "abominations", as they are by the Zelandonii and Mamutoi. Guests are supposed to be treated with courtesy and respect, and it is customary for them to stay in the s'armuna's lodge.

Technology and Art[]

The S'Armunai use flint tools and weapons, and are known to hunt horses by driving them over cliffs. Not much is known of their hunting techniques and technology, though, as only the Three Sisters Camp is featured prominently, and their tools and weapons were rather poorly made due to their being no skilled flint-knappers in the Camp.

S'Armuna of the Three Sisters Camp had discovered a technique for firing clay. However, she only used ceramic for ritual purposes. As a result, the S'Armunai were known to construct figurines from clay, though it is not specified if this technique was known only to the Three Sisters Camp.

Notable Members[]