Earth's Children
Species The Others
Culture Shamudoi
Camp Iron Gates
Spouse Darvalo's father
Children Darvalo
Novel appearances The Valley of Horses

Serenio was a Shamudoi women who lived at the Iron Gates camp of Dolando. She suffered many misfortunes, which marked her character. She lost her spouse while their son Darvo was still young. She had a 3 years long relationship with Jondalar. She ultimately married a Mammoth Hunter and left the Shamudoi.


Serenio lived at Dolando's Iron Gates camp. It is unknown if she was born there or even if the camp existed when she was born. She married an unnamed Shamudoi. They got a son named Darvalo. Later her spouse died.

When Thonolan and Jondalar arrived at the camp, Jondalar moved in with Serenio. Jondalar found her pleasant and companionable, but did not really fell in love with her. The brief description of their liaison seems to be highly symbolic, used by Auel as a device to illustrate Jondalar's emotional state of mind before meeting Ayla. Nonetheless, Jondalar offered to marry Serenio and take her back with him to the Zelandonii. Serenio knew he didn't really love her, so she declined the offer. After Jondalar left the camp, she was broken.

Serenio had told Jondalar and others that she was expecting a child of Jondalar. However, it is unknown if this was right.

Shortly after the departure of Thonolan and Jondalar, the camp was visited by a Mamutoi expedition. One of them was Tholie's (her Ramudoi cross-mate) cousin Gulec.

After one glance, Gulec wanted to marry Serenio. Serenio lighted up by his presence. To everyone's surprise, Serenio agreed to marry Gulec and live with him with the Mamutoi.[1]

Serenio's son Darvalo stayed at the Iron Gates camp and was adopted by Dolando and Roshario.


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