Earth's Children

The woman formerly known as Zolena is known as The First Among Those Who Serve The Great Earth Mother. Now that Ayla is Zelandoni of the Ninth Cave she no longer has that title. Before she became full fledged Zelandoni she was an acolite and Jondalar's Doni Woman. She taught him "the mother's gift of pleasure". They fell in love but their love was forbidden for many reasons. When Jondalar was sent to live with Dalanar she became a full fledged Zelandoni. When he left on his journey she became known as the first among those who serve the great earth mother. She cares deeply for him still though the relationship has become more like that of a parent.

Ayla was her acolite, as was Jonokol before her. The fourteenth was very upset that the younger Zelandoni of the Ninth Cave became the first before her.

When Ayla was "called" The first was no longer considered the Zelandoni of the Ninth Cave as that title was given to Ayla.

She is an extrordinarily fat woman. The Great Earth Mother is supposed to be of great size as well so although her size can be a hinderance she does not complain, believing it is the will of Doni. She used to be known as the most beautiful woman at the summer meeting when she was younger.