Earth's Children
Species The Others
Culture Mamutoi
Camp Iron Gates
Spouse Markeno
Children Shamio
Novel appearances The Valley of Horses
The Plains of Passage

Tholie is a woman at the Iron Gates camp. She is Mamutoi by birth but married Markeno of the Ramudoi. They have a daughter named Shamio. Their Shamudoi counterpart family were Thonolan and Jetamio.


Early life[]

Tholie was born in a Mamutoi camp near the Willow Camp. She came from the honorable family of the Red Deer Hearth.[1] Not much is known about her family, other than Brecie (leader of the Willow Camp) being her full niece.[2]


Book 4 Polish

Polish edition of the Plains of Passage. Maybe one of the women is ment to be Tholie.

Ramudoi often travel to the debouchment of the Danube river to trade with the Mammoth Hunters. One expedition included Dolando[3], leader of the Shamudoi, and Markeno, son of Carlono, leader of the Ramudoi. On this expedition Markeno and Tholie fell in love. Tholie's family demanded a very high randsom from Markeno. Dolando made arrangments to get Tholie with them. It is never shown how, but sometimes it is described as "almost kidnapping".

Markeno and Tholie married and started to live at Dolando's Iron Gates camp. They have a daughter named Shamio.

Living at the Iron Gates[]

Tholie urged the other Sharamudoi to learn the Mamutoi language. When Thonolan and Jondalar start to live at the camp, she learns Jondalar the language too.

When Thonolan and Jetamio (the ward of Dolando) marry (year 14), it was arranged that Tholie and Markeno became their Ramudoi counterpart family.

In the year 18, after the death of Jetamio and Thonolan, Jondalar returns to the Iron Gates with "Ayla of the Mamutoi". At first, Tholie is very glad to meet her distant kin. However, she easily notices that Ayla isn't a Mamutoi by birth and doesn't trust her. After Ayla has revealed her true background, Tholie is less restrained towards Ayla.