This is the timeline of the Earth's Children series. It isn't revealed in what year B.C. the stories take place. Book covers, trailers and interviews have shown the years 35,000 years ago[1], 25,000 years ago and 20,000 years ago.[2] The maps show that the story takes place in the Würm glaciation. Therefore, the years are counted from Ayla's birth. Years are counted from spring to winter.

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Events of The Clan of the Cave Bear start:

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  • Broud becomes leader of the clan.
  • Goov becomes the new Mog-ur.
  • Ayla received a death curse and leaves the clan.
  • The clan's cave collapses.
  • Creb dies.

Events of The Valley of Horses start:

  • Ayla starts to live in the Valley.
  • Jondalar and Thonolan start their Journey to walk the entire length of the "Great Mother River".
  • Marriage of Thonolan and Jetamio.


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  • Thonolan is killed by Baby.
  • Jondalar is saved from Baby by Ayla.
  • Racer is born.

Events of The Mammoth Hunters start:

  • Jondalar and Ayla join the Mamutoi.

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  • Mamutoi Summer Meeting.
  • Mammoth Hunt.
  • Jondalar and Ayla start their journey westwards.

Events of The Plains of Passage start:

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Events of The Land of Painted Caves start:


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