Earth's Children

Uba as portrayed by Lycia Naff in the film

Uba was the biological daughter of Iza and adoptive sister to Ayla. (Uba's father was killed during the earthquake, while Iza was about midway through the pregnancy.) Uba was born on a beautiful fall day, a few months after the clan settled into its new cave.

Creb named Uba after her great-grandmother, a legendary medicine woman who healed a man of the Others (Mamut of the Mamutoi's Lion Camp).

Uba became a woman when she was nearly eight years old, and she was mated to Vorn, Broud's second-in-command. Uba quickly conceived, but she miscarried a few months into the pregnancy. The clan was allowed to believe that Uba lost a normal baby boy. Only Ayla and Ovra knew that Uba had actually been pregnant with conjoined twins, which would have been regarded as an unacceptable deformity even if they had been carried to term.

As Iza's daughter, Uba was born with the memories of the medicine woman and was trained alongside Ayla. Uba presumably became the clan's medicine woman after Ayla was exiled. (Uba was eight years old at that time.)

Relationship With Ayla[]

Ayla was both nursemaid and sister to Uba. When Ayla ran away to prevent her son from being rejected, Uba secretly followed Ayla to her private cave. Later, Uba brought word that the clan was looking for Ayla and that Ayla would likely be cursed with death. This timely news prompted Ayla to return before the naming day, allowing Brun to save face by not being forced to accept Durc.

When Uba became a woman, Ayla led her to the cave to live out the period of isolation during her first menstrual period.

When Broud ordered Ayla to be cursed with death, Ayla left Durc in the care of Uba and Vorn.


Italics indicate an adoptive relationship: in this case, through Iza's adoption of Ayla as her daughter and later, through Uba's adoption of Durc as her son.

Ancestors: Iza (mother) and Uba (maternal great-grandmother)
Siblings: Ayla (sister)
Mate: Vorn
Issue: Durc (son)
Extended Family: Durc (nephew and first cousin once removed), Creb (uncle), Brun (uncle), Broud (first cousin), Brac (first cousin once removed), and Grev (first cousin once removed)