Earth's Children

Vorn as portrayed by Adel C. Hammoud in the film

Vorn was a member of Brun's clan. As a child, Vorn idolized Broud, although he did not adopt Broud's venomous attitude toward Ayla and her son. Although Vorn was only 13 when Broud succeeded Brun as leader, Broud chose Vorn as his second-in-command. Brun believed that Vorn was too inexperienced to be second and that the decision would endanger the hunters.

When Vorn became a man, there were no eligible young women, but he asked for Uba when she became a woman, and Uba was given to him. Vorn and Uba enjoyed a fond relationship, and Uba was quick to conceive, although the pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. When Ayla was exiled from the clan, Uba raised her son, Durc. As man of the hearth, Vorn presumably assumed responsibility for training Durc.


Ancestors: Aga (mother) and Aba (maternal grandmother)
Siblings: Ona (sister) and Groob (half-brother)
Mate: Uba
Issue: Durc (son)