Earth's Children

The Zelandonia are the shamans and healers of the Zelandonii. Every cave has a Zelandoni, one who can send spirits to the next world and who can use "healing magic" on those who are ill. Different members have different skills and interests. Talents range from healing, to art to knowledge of the spirit world. Those who are homosexual often become members of the Zelandonia because they are believed to have both the essence of males and females. On occasion the Zelandonia will train spiritual guiders from other people such as the Lanzadonii and the S'Armunai. The Zelandonia has several Ranks.


Acolytes are the lowest ranked of the Zelandonia. Some have no desire to become full fledged Zelandoni while others will try to lie to become Zelandoni. When one is an acolyte they are expected to endure "tests" such as giving up food, water, pleasures and sleep. They are also expected to make a donier tour to see all of the sacred sites of the Zelandoni.


Every cave has their own Zelandoni. They vary in interests and aptitudes. Some are not as skilled in healing while others are much more advanced. If a Zelandoni has a particularly bad medical problem and they are not skilled on how to best treat it they may call a Zelandoni who is more knowledgeable about healing.

Most Zelandoni have acolytes who they guide and train to become full fledged Zelandoni. They are also tasked with recruiting prospective talent. People who are skilled artists are brought into the Zelandonia as well as those who have "gifts".


Many Zelandoni wish to be first. The Zelandoni of the Fourteenth for one, was extremely angry that the younger Zelandoni of the Ninth got the position over her. To be first is a heavy burden and a great honor. The First as of "The Land of Painted Caves" is the woman formerly known as Zolena. Many Zelandoni believe that Ayla will become the next First including her mentor and the current First, Zelandoni of the Ninth Cave.