Earth's Children
Region: France
Group: Cave
Mother: Doni
Shaman: zelandoni (pl. zelandonia)

The Zelandonii were a prosperous people who lived in present-day France. Their culture is loosely based on the people who lived in that region during the last ice age -- famous for their paintings in the Lascaux Cave.


Their territory provided an abundance of food that supported an unusually large population. In addition to gathering and fishing, they often hunted bison, cattle, deer, antelope, horses, and small game.

They Zelandonii lived in overhanging rock shelters, under which they built homes made out of panels that blocked wind and provided privacy. Other areas of the shelter were set aside for communal activities, such as crafts.

Every summer, the Zelandonii left their winter shelters to join the Summer Meeting. (Summer Meetings were held at a different site every year in order to give the area time to recover.) At Summer Meetings, First Rites and Matrimonials were held. They normally held two of each: one in the beginning and one at the end.

Technology and Art[]

Like other peoples, the Zelandonii used whatever materials were available to make the items they needed: flint, wood, animal parts, and grass were commonly used. Most clothing was made from animal hides, although they had begun to weave flax fibers.

The Zelandonii hunted with lightweight throwing spears that were tipped with flint or bone. When Jondalar returned, he introduced the Spear-thrower, which used leverage to increase the power and range of thrown spears. He also developed a lighter dart that was designed to be used with the spear-thrower.

The Zelandonii built wooden rafts that were used for fishing and transportation. The people of the Eleventh Cave (River Place) were especially skilled in raft-building.

The Zelandonii preferred items that were not only functional but beautiful. Many tools were decorated. (For example, a shaft-straightener might be painted with animals so that the spears made with the tool would be drawn to those animals.) The panels that were used to build homes were normally painted with animals. Woven materials often incorporated pictures and geometric designs.


There have been at least 29 Caves of the Zelandonii, although some numbers are no longer used.

Number Alias Leader Known For
Second Cave Elder Hearth Kimeran
Third Cave Two Rivers Rock Manvelar hunters
Fifth Cave Old Valley
Seventh Cave Horsehead Rock Sergenor
Ninth Cave Joharran crafts
Eleventh Cave River Place Kareja rafts
Fourteenth Cave Little Valley Brameval
Nineteenth Cave Hilltop Tormaden White Hollow
Twenty-Ninth Cave Three Rocks Denanna